Carl ZEISS Lenses

Quality frames need quality lenses. As an official Carl Zeiss partner and stockist, we aim to help you achieve the best you can get with your eyewear.

From DuraVision Platinum to DriveSafe, we're always looking to bring you the latest in optical innovation.


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Insight from Zeiss

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As we enter a modern digitised lifestyle, we are increasingly making use of digital and electronic screens to connect with others, finish projects and be creative. Eyestrain can be caused by things including smaller fonts, and rapid focal shifting from faraway scenes to nearby objects, leading to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

That's where ZEISS Digital Lenses come in - they provide seamless vision for digital and physical spaces.

What are the Benefits?

The lenses support the work of the ciliary muscle which is responsible for focusing the lens of the eye on near and distant objects.

It also has a large, aberration-free distance zone and targeted support for near vision distances of between 0.5 and 1.25 dioptres.

ZEISS has different digital options for people of all ages - find out what suits you at QvOptik today!